2015 White Rock 50k Birthday Run 
Sunday, March 1, 2015, 11:57 PM
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What could possibly be a better way to spend a birthday than running up to the top of White Rock Mountain surrounded by good friends! The morning was cool & crisp and is typically the case for me when the season begins to change I slightly overdress. When you spend the first two miles going from 700’ to 1700’ you are going to work up a good sweat & warm up quick! I couldn’t wait to get to the top just so I could take off my jacket. Will I ever learn!?

I decided to spend the run at a fun, casual pace so that I could visit with friends and even make some new ones. There were people from Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas, and a big group who traveled with Eric Steele, founder of Epic Ultras, from Kansas. It was nice to meet new people and welcome them to one of our treasured races.

This year we signed in at the Start/Finish area instead of the Turner Bend Store. For those who didn’t heed the warning to arrive early were surely shocked & panicked to see so many cars lined up on the dirt road. All got parked, signed in, and we received our direction and words of wisdom from race directors, the gong was sounded and off we went.
Not very long into the run and you begin to see cyclists coming past. One might be leary of sharing the road with cyclist but these riders were very kind and respectful. We had some who cheered us on and we got to return the favor by trying to cheer and encourage them as they made their way up the steep climbs. All in all I am happy that the cyclists are encouraged to join us for this event.

The day was perfect, the aid stations were well stocked, and the volunteers were extremely friendly! The ham radio guys were out on their four-wheelers checking on the runners and handing out bottles of water and gatorade. Everyone went above and beyond the call of duty. I even got a little birthday dance from PT at the Turn Around.

After the turn around Deb & I both picked up the pace. The thought of winning one of Chrissy Ferguson’s hand designed top 5 finisher plates made us both give up the notion of running casually. We caught up with Alan Hunnicutt.
The three of us ran together most of the way back. With 6 miles left to go Deb started feeling bad, but said she was going to hang back with Alan and insisted I go on to get a plate for my birthday. Not much later my stomach started acting up. I could stomach gels but not solid food. Unfortunately I was out of gels. I asked for some at the last aid station to no avail. A runner from out of town was kind to give me one of his. His problem was reverse and solid food was all he could handle. We wished one another well as we parted ways. That gu had magical powers because I was feeling better than ever. I raced on to a 4th place female finish and Deb who also got a second wind came in 5th place female. We Both Got Our Chrissy Plates!!! There were 61 50k finishers (including a 13 year old), 36 25k finishers, and 12 other distance runners and cyclists.

Huge Thank You & Big Hugs to our race directors Lisa Gunnoe & PoDog Vogler, the Arkansas Ultra Running Association, the many volunteers, Turner Bend Store, and the surrounding community who always welcomes us! It was the best birthday party ever!
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